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Places of Worship
It's hard to believe and accept that we have to protect our places of worship from violent
attacks. Fortunately our organization can help you be more safe and secure.
Our staff has
real world experience including police, fire and EMS.

Services include training seminars, safety & security audits (vulnerability analysis) advanced
civil defender handgun training and consulting to develop safety & security teams for places
of worship. We can also help with NIMS compliant emergency operations plans and conduct
safety & security audits to help identify areas for improvement.

Church Safety & Security Team
Unfortunately in today's world we must secure our places of business and places of worship.
Citizens are responsible for their own safety and security. Law Enforcement is not required
nor has the resources to provide all of us safety and security. Everyone has the right to take
steps to protect themselves from harm using legal methods.

Forming a safety and security team for your church or business.  This requires planning and
selecting the right people.  We can help you set up at team. If you already have a team in
place we can look at your program to see where improvements can be made.

Emergency Preparedness & Active Shooter Training Seminar
This seminar is packed full of information suitable for staff, church and community members.
The seminar typically lasts 2 ½ hours.  Training is conducted by one of our emergency
management experts through a powerpoint presentation. We typically speak for an hour and
then break for a 15-20 minute restroom and coffee break.  Upon returning from the break we
speak an additional hour.  We do not take questions during the session due to time
constraints but we are available after the seminar to answer one on one questions. We
encourage you to invite as many people to this training session as possible. Knowledge &
training is our best way of preparing for all emergencies.

Safety & Security Audit
A safety & security audit will give you a snapshot of your facilities and operations and provide
suggestions on how to improve safety & security.

Emergency Operations Plans
An emergency operations plan is the basis for all incidents that occur on your facility and they
include response.  An EOP is a guide for emergency situations.
It is important to involve your
local fired department and police department in your emergency planning and response.

Beyond LTC - Civilian Defender Program
We provide handgun training for church security members who choose to carry a concealed
handgun. Just holding an LTC license is not enough.


Place of Worship Safety & Security Guide