CIVIL DEFENDER PROGRAM - Civilian Active Shooter Training
& Active Shooter Defense Training

Planned Defensive Approach to an Active Shooter
Church Safety & Security - Business Safety & Security

The Civil Defender Program is a version of our school guardian program with an emphasis on training civilians. The program provides training to place of businesses and worship security team members. The Civil Defender class provides students training to combat an active shooter threat. This is an active shooter training class. The initial training is two days and includes classroom and live fire training. This is an advanced handgun class. To be eligible students must have high level basic or intermediate handgun experience and a valid Texas LTC license. This class is not for new shooters. We do offer basic handguns and LTC classes for those in need.

The initial 2 day raining takes place on our private ranch located outside of Marble Falls, Texas in the Texas Hill Country. The Marble Falls area has several hotels, eating and water amenities.

Students will need at least 350 rounds of FMJ ammunition to complete the program.

The program was developed by Jeff Sellers. Jeff has 30 years firearms instructor experience and is a DPS firearms instructor, EMT, previous law enforcement and former member of a special security unit in the Military and for the Texas Governor. Jeff also has personal protection, safety and security consulting and private investigations experience. Jeff developed the program after his son was involved in the 2009 Fort Hood Islamic Extremist shooting that claimed 13 lives and wounded 30. Jeff created the program in 2009 along with the Texas School Guardian Program which is utilized state-wide in schools.

Initial 2 day training cost is $1,500.00 per student and includes lunch on both days. (Price does not include ammunition) We can order ammo if needed.

Students must provide

functioning handgun

350 rounds of FMJ ammunition

External Level 1, 2 or higher holster

Magazine pouch, external

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